Myrrdah was established in 2019 Sisters Dale Bruce, Cheryl Perez, Glenda McCulloch and Jaunita Doyle under Cungelella Art, as an expression of culture through modern Aboriginal Art. Sharing their prior experience in business, the arts and fashion, the sisters have created a label that has become a family legacy.

Together, the sisters transform their artwork from canvas to fabric, creating wearable pieces of art inspired by their Aboriginal heritage and the landscape of Mt Isa, where their family has lived for generations. Designed for elevated everyday wear, Myrrdah’s collections feature the earthy colours and hues of the sunsets, rocks, and clay of their homeland.

In addition to expressing their culture and reflecting their heritage, it was important to the sisters to create silhouettes and patterns that flattered a diverse range of female body shapes. At the time they created the label, they were each experiencing different stages of motherhood from pregnancy, to breastfeeding and postpartum. Many nights were spent sitting around, dreaming and discussing their plans to create a collection that made women feel good no matter their size, shape or stage of life.

Sustainable and ethical sourcing are at the core of Myrrdah, and the sisters have carefully selected Australian-made and based materials, manufacturers and partners. They work with natural fibres such as linen and cotton for durability and comfort in outback seasons, with all production taking part in Melbourne.

Glenda Mcculloch said, “We had a very close family growing up, and with mum having 5 girls in 6 years, we always shared clothes but enjoyed making them our own with personal touches.”

“In the back of our minds we would dream about a clothing line that celebrated creativity and our love for our culture and land. After starting to express ourselves through art, it felt like a natural progression to put that art onto linen, and start designing timeless pieces that women can wear through all stages of life.”

The sisters are looking forward to seeing their brand grow, and are focused on developing business structures to evolve their designs at a sustainable rate, whilst staying true to their core values and design principles.