W H O  W E  A R E

We are a national voice representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members. Creating ongoing access to opportunities, skill development, and industry engagement.Working towards a self-sustaining ecosystem of Aboriginal fashion designers, textile artists, jewellery designers, photographers, models, hair + make up artist, stylist, curators + Fashion Industry Professionals. We are 100% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Board of Directors and Executive team. We are a NFP Indigenous Corporations whose core business is in supporting the growth of Indigenous Fashion. We are Indigenous Fashion Industry Experts. We pay equal attention to the cultural and commercial considerations of our members.

O U R  F O C U S 

We are an independent initiative building strong foundations through connections, opportunities + educational pathways, to ensure the preservation of our Aboriginal + Torres Strait Island culture through fashion.

The heart of our organisation is to build a strong, national membership of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for whom we serve. Community membership is free. Our members are our greatest assets. We are building a knowledge bank of best practise protocols and tool kits for brands working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander designers.

Our Fashion School will provide services to our members to equip Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with the skills we need to grow a self-sustaining fashion ecosystem.

FNFD will offer the following activities:

  • Programming for Skills Development
  • Platforms which Advocate for better awareness such as
  • Promotional Events
  • National Survey to continue the yarning to grow the sector