Ngarru Miimi is a slow ethical fashion label handprinted, designed and constructed on unceded Wiradjuri country by Lillardia Briggs-Houston – a Wiradjuri Yorta Yorta Gangulu sister, mother and granddaughter.

Meaning Honey Sister, it was established to explore culture, self-determination and sovereignty through fashion and textiles, while showcasing the strength in identity; pride in culture and resilience of Aboriginal Peoples.

Lillardia aims to create change by using fashion and textiles to challenge perspectives of Aboriginal peoples and culture. That behind our beautiful artwork, textiles and designs there is thousands of years of culture and kinship that represents the true history of the many different nations across these lands – a history that has continually been pushed aside and hidden. Aboriginal fashion and textiles is a catalyst for social change and a conversation starter.

Through each sustainable and ethical garment, Lillardia respectfully highlights the strength, pride and connection that we feel as Aboriginal people and collectively showcase Aboriginal culture as a daily reminder that we are, and always will, stand strong on our traditional lands.